November, 2011 | Pie Eyed Love

Pie it Forward: Miss Lena

What better time to spread the pie love than the week of Thanksgiving?  In addition to choosing someone deliberately, I also kept some pie in my car and handed it out when nice people crossed my path. For some reason, I get really nervous before giving people pie. I have stage fright and feel like […]

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Sweet Potato Pie

According to me, you get total pie street credit if you’re from the South. If you have an accent and hail from any of the states below Ohio, I automatically assume that you are harboring your Great Grandma’s family pie recipe and that you know some worldly secrets about great pie making. After all, don’t […]

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Pie it Forward: Ms. Tabor

We all have one.  That favorite teacher who you still think about even though you’re decades removed from their classroom.  The one whose example you call upon when giving your husband (who is a teacher) a pep talk that someday one of his students will be talking about him.  Good teachers get under your skin […]

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Caramel Pecan Handpies

I don’t have a lot of enthusiasm in my heart for the other big “P” of the Thanksgiving table. Pecan pie. I’ve always put it into the category of Stuff My Dad Eats: Pickled beets, spinach with vinegar, chicken livers, cole slaw… food that I’m convinced takes a heavy dose of testosterone to palate. I […]

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