June, 2017 | Pie Eyed Love

Your Formula for Summer Fruit Pie

Summer fruit is hitting the markets and I am in pie heaven.  There are so many beautiful choices now and the combinations to put into a pie crust are endless.  If I wrote a recipe for every fruit pie I made, you would see that the foundation for each one is the same.  So, rather […]

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Thanksgiving in July: Homemade Vanilla Extract

Today is my personal holiday – my vanilla is ready.  This is a major event because it takes three months for vanilla to be ready, and this girl has no patience. I’ll be able to get through the summer with this vanilla, but what today also means is that I need to start a new […]

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Summer Shortcut: Strawberry Yogurt Pie

Things were heating up this past weekend – figuratively and literally. We came upon our first hot and humid day which also meant the first hot day in our new house without air conditioning.  It all sounded so manageable when we were buying the house in the crisp October air! The heat deterred me from […]

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Balsamic Strawberry Pie Recipe

Lessons from a Life Well Lived Today I attended the funeral of a woman I never met and was reminded that in the end, nothing is more important than how one makes people feel. It was a sad day for many, but also a joyous one because it was unquestionable that this woman lived fully […]

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