About Emily

2011 was the year of learning to make pie. Lots of reading, lots of baking and lots (and lots) of eating.

I created Pie Eyed that year with the intention of simply recording recipes until I accomplished what I had set out to do – make the best pie ever. It wasn’t long until I was baking more pie than I could (or should) eat, so I began giving it away to people as a way to thank them. Before I knew it I was accepting invitations into people’s lives to hear their stories in exchange for the pie I gave them. I called my movement Pie it Forward and found that sharing pie was an incredible way to get to know people.

What I learned in those early years, was that Pie Eyed was less about pie, and more of a distraction from coping with four miscarriages I had experienced. Making pie quieted my mind, and provided the space I needed to think and reflect during those late evening hours alone in my kitchen. Giving pie to others pulled my attention outward and I began to heal through helping.

Like what’s under a pie crust, there is more going on underneath all of us than meets the eye. This is why pie is so important to me. Making pie and sharing it has uncovered connections and relationships that would have never been possible otherwise. This also includes going a step further and sharing Pie Eyed with my friend, Christie. I hope that in the years ahead, together we can bring you different perspectives, new recipes and demonstrate the importance of sharing the things we love with strangers and friends alike.

I’ve cultivated quite a reputation for being pie crazy over the years and I can’t think of a better fit. Welcome this slice of my life and I invite you to stay a while and enjoy the pie!

10 years and a couple dogs later, the pie love is still going strong!

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