Pie Crust

Summer Shortcut: Strawberry Yogurt Pie

Things were heating up this past weekend – figuratively and literally. We came upon our first hot and humid day which also meant the first hot day in our new house without air conditioning.  It all sounded so manageable when we were buying the house in the crisp October air! The heat deterred me from […]

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Emily’s Best of Both Worlds Pie Crust

My mother put the fear of God in me about pie crust. I only remember her making pie at Thanksgiving and if my memory serves me correctly, it was a “thing”. The pie crust recipe would come out and she would fret over if the consistency was right and if the dough would roll and […]

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Christie’s All Butter Pie Crust

Very early in my first pregnancy (I credit the hormones!), I willingly abandoned the pursuit of perfection and I’ve been actively pursuing and appreciating imperfection as a sort of spirituality ever since. Our imperfections define and give us dimension, and I find myself forming the deepest relationships and feeling the strongest affinity for those brave […]

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