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Plum Sour Cherry Handpies

“Expect Miracles”.  That’s been the theme of my last few months.  It’s also the tag line of some soap I just purchased. Recently, the rational, grounded me has been replaced with a version of myself that has become interested in quick fixes, silver bullets and magical solutions to all of my problems. On the surface, […]

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Emily’s Best of Both Worlds Pie Crust

My mother put the fear of God in me about pie crust. I only remember her making pie at Thanksgiving and if my memory serves me correctly, it was a “thing”. The pie crust recipe would come out and she would fret over if the consistency was right and if the dough would roll and […]

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Christie’s All Butter Pie Crust

Very early in my first pregnancy (I credit the hormones!), I willingly abandoned the pursuit of perfection and I’ve been actively pursuing and appreciating imperfection as a sort of spirituality ever since. Our imperfections define and give us dimension, and I find myself forming the deepest relationships and feeling the strongest affinity for those brave […]

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Apple Pie Pop Tarts

If you have some apples hanging around like we do (like, 21 pounds), make these. I swear – this takes a much lower skill level than pie and is surprisingly simple. I have posted before, using different flavor preserves or Nutella.  This time, though, I used fresh thinly sliced apples instead of preserves. AMAZING. Seriously […]

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Caramel Pecan Handpies

I don’t have a lot of enthusiasm in my heart for the other big “P” of the Thanksgiving table. Pecan pie. I’ve always put it into the category of Stuff My Dad Eats: Pickled beets, spinach with vinegar, chicken livers, cole slaw… food that I’m convinced takes a heavy dose of testosterone to palate. I […]

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