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Raspberry Clementine: Your Bright Winter Pie

Winter break had me two steps away from turning into Jack Nicholson in The Shining. The snow paired with the dangerously freezing temperatures squashed my list of fun outdoor activities to do with the family and left me grasping for any excuse to get the kids out of the house (I wanted to stay IN […]

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Spiced Plum Nectarine Pie

Hygge.  It’s all the rage in my house right now.  Pronounced, Hoog-ah, but not really because it’s impossible to write it phonetically and make it sound right, it is the Danish word for the feeling of coziness.  Hygge goes beyond coziness, though.  It seems to be a word that the Danes use to explain warm feelings […]

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Peach Sour Cherry Pie

Reach out.  Roll balls.  That was the tag line for my New Year’s resolution in 2015. I had slipped into a terrible habit of not proactively reaching out to friends and getting the ball rolling on plans.  I was either the recipient of an invitation where I joined in the fun, or text strings would […]

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Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Bites

My parents came to town this weekend, so I wanted to knock their socks off with all this pie I’ve been ranting about (plus, if we’re being honest here, I knew they would play with the boys and I could bake!). I planned a pie-a-palooza of a weekend – dough experiments, mini pies, whole pies. […]

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