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Crumble Topping

We all have our pie preferences, but anyone who reads this blog will know that I am a crumble topping loyalist. Christie is your girl for a pie with a beautiful top crust, and each time she posts one of her creations, I vow to make a top crust the next time I make a […]

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Spiced Blueberry Citrus Pie

My host son is a pie fanatic. He would eat a pie everyday if I let him.  In fact, twice now he has taken a whole pie to school for lunch.  If he appreciates one thing about America during his year here, at least I know that pie will be towards the top of the […]

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Peach Sour Cherry Pie in a Jar

I don’t regard myself as an entertainer. I lack the skill or the energy to plan parties with thematic decor, parchment wrapped mini sandwiches, and coordinating signs on chalk boards. In fact, I get very overwhelmed when I see blog posts or magazine articles telling me how easy it is to create the perfect summer […]

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Apple Sour Cherry Pie

I always have the best results when I don’t over think things. Take my hair, for instance. The days that I’m late, half-showered and furiously drying my hair to get out the door are usually the days that people tell me my hair looks good. “What did you do to your hair?” they will ask. […]

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