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Raspberry Peach Pie

The Republican National Convention is about to invade my city in a matter of days. Politics is in the air and I want to crawl under my bed and hide. It’s my least favorite subject and I avoid it at all costs. I’m the mushy middle. Hopelessly moderate on just about everything political and non-political. […]

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Apple Pie Pop Tarts

If you have some apples hanging around like we do (like, 21 pounds), make these. I swear – this takes a much lower skill level than pie and is surprisingly simple. I have posted before, using different flavor preserves or Nutella.  This time, though, I used fresh thinly sliced apples instead of preserves. AMAZING. Seriously […]

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Cherry Pie Bites

I dread baking during the work week for one simple reason – dishes. I love the baking part, but the aftermath is just so overwhelming when all I want to do is call it a night and go to bed. My M.O. each time I’m in the kitchen is to use as few utensils and […]

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