Pie It Forward: Jackie

Pie It Forward: Jackie

Written by Emily

I have passed the Shop-N-Go convenience store in Bedford Heights hundreds of times over the years.  Now that I work next door, I drive past it everyday.  But I’ve never gone in until recently.  I was on a Diet Coke run and decided to pop into the store.  Upon checking out, I met Jackie, the store manager.  She was so incredibly nice!  We chatted for a bit and I could tell that she really takes pride in her store and cares about the customers.  She totally made my day.  Who knew there was such a gem like Jackie inside that store that I’ve been passing all these years?

So, to my new work neighbor Jackie, you’re my first person to get Pie Eyed!

XOXO, The Pie Eyed Piper

One thought on "Pie It Forward: Jackie"

  1. Annie says:

    Lucky Jackie! So clever and fun to pay it forward. You are, as always, adorable!

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