Pie it Forward Challenge (Prize Give Away!)

Pie it Forward Challenge (Prize Give Away!)

Written by Emily

Let it be known to the world that…

Monday, January 23rd is National Pie Day! 

Yes, my friends, not only have I discovered a new hobby, but I have also discovered a new set of holidays!  And if that were not enough, right on it’s heels is February – National Pie Month! Oh, what is a girl obsessed with pie to do?

The Pie it Forward Challenge!

To celebrate National Pie Day, I’m challenging all of you to bake a pie over the weekend and give it away to someone.  Not only will you get the greatest gift of all by doing something nice for someone, but you will be eligible to enter Pie Eyed’s first prize give away!  Here are the rules:

1.  Bake a pie – any pie.  If it has a crust and some filling, it counts.

2. Give it away to someone (take a picture if you want!)

3. Comment back on this post to tell me you did it and then email your story to pieeyedbaker@yahoo.com by Friday, January 27th.

I will choose a Pie it Forward participant to receive this awesome decal from Spiffy Decals:


Now go forward and make some pie!


7 thoughts on "Pie it Forward Challenge (Prize Give Away!)"

  1. Marg says:

    Jan. 23 is my birthday! Time to eat pie, Marie Antoinette, not cake!

    1. emilythome says:

      That is just too perfect – I will always remember your birthday now! Maybe a certain neighbor down the alley should do the pie it forward challenge and deliver some to you on Monday! 🙂 Happiest of birthdays to you! I will certainly eat some pie in your honor.

  2. Cindy Biggs says:

    I’m with Marg – a great way to remember my birthday from here on out as the national pie day – what a great and creative idea, Emily. I hope to take the challenge!

    1. emilythome says:

      Ooh, another birthday! Perfect!! Cheers to you as I drown in some pie on Monday! 🙂

  3. Cathy says:

    Where is your basic pie recipe?

    1. emilythome says:

      My crust recipe is at the top under the heading “Crust Recipe.” Is that what you’re looking for?

  4. Annie says:

    While your contest does inspire me to bake I have to say that I would much rather win even a single awesome Emily Thome original hand pie than an awesome decal (though it’s a very cute decal). Great idea with the pie it forward contest.

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