Pie it Forward: Miss Lena

Pie it Forward: Miss Lena

Written by Emily

What better time to spread the pie love than the week of Thanksgiving?  In addition to choosing someone deliberately, I also kept some pie in my car and handed it out when nice people crossed my path.

For some reason, I get really nervous before giving people pie. I have stage fright and feel like I need to rehearse.  “Excuse me, you are really nice and deserve some pie.”  No, too random.  “Hello, I have a strange obsession making pie and give it to people who are nice.  Want some?”  Nope, too I-laced-your-pie-with-poison.  “Hi, I love pie so much that I bake it all the time.  Therefore, I have a pie surplus and need to give it away.  You deserve some pie today.”  Close, but screams I don’t have a life after the kids go to bed, so I make pie.

Despite my nervousness, somehow I find the right thing to say and am always glad I did it.  People are genuinely happy to have some unexpected pie enter their life.  And their reactions remind me how little we thank those around us who make our days a little easier, a little happier and a little brighter.

Pie it Forward: Miss Lena



When I sent my son Elliot off for his first day of school, I didn’t realize what an important part of the day his bus driver, Miss Lena would be.

Miss Lena has been driving a bus for 14 years and has come to know our neighborhood like a second family.  She’s quick to point out that she likes the challenge of our neighborhood – the hills, sharp curves and narrow roads keep her on her toes.  But she’s even quicker to point out how much she loves the children.  And the children love her because she is just so nurturing and kind. Apparently, Elliot went for a spell where he left his lunch box on the bus every morning.  And every morning, Miss Lena would drive it back to the school for him.  She gave him a clip so that he could attach his lunch box to his book bag.  Being new to all of this, I didn’t even know they sold clips for that.

On the day that I had Elliot pinned on the concrete shoving shoes on his feet while he howled in protest, Miss Lena’s smile and understanding wave calmed what had been an absolute rock bottom morning.  Elliot was crying, I was crying – it was a scene I’m sure she has seen played out hundreds of times by overtired parents and kindergartners.  But she greeted him with that same warmth that made us both feel that everything would be ok.

I have come to love the ritual that Elliot and I share each morning.  I grab my coffee as he grabs his lunchbox and we wait outside until the bus rounds the corner.  A quick kiss and a “have a good day” and he’s off, bounding to the end of the driveway, eager for Miss Lena to wave him safely onto the bus.  I stand sipping my coffee, watching him make his way to his seat.  The stop sign retreats to the side of the bus and Miss Lena gives me a friendly hello. As the bus pulls away, Elliot’s tiny face stares back at me from his window and we get one last wave.  I turn away and smile knowing that he’s safe thanks to Miss Lena.

And for that, you deserve pie everyday, Miss Lena.

xoxo, The Pie Eyed Piper




3 thoughts on "Pie it Forward: Miss Lena"

  1. Ms. Lena says:

    Just so you know I’m in tears right now!!! I love my job. I love “my” kids and I greatly appreciate the support I get from all my parents in the lake. I remember those hectic mornings trying to get my kids ready for the bus OMG what a nightmare sometimes, fortunately when I started driving my husband took over that chore, and he did it so much better than me! believe it or not I was never a morning person before!
    I am touched by your story, and everyday I get on my bus I pray that I get those children safely to school and then safely home. I realize Parents are trusting ME with their most cherished gift and I do not take that lightly ( i.e. my rules). I respect my kids and I demand respect back,but I rarely have to demand it children give it to you when you give it to them. Don’t worry about those hectic mornings 99.9% of the time by the time they get to school they are walking off the bus smiling and laughing with their friends, I know because I always check!!! God Bless. Ms. Lena

  2. Ms. Lena says:

    Oh and by the way the pies were wonderful, I obviously had WAAAY to much of the pecan , I couldnt help myself it was so yummy :O ( thats my pie hole !!! hahaha)

  3. Debbie Dyer says:

    This is beautiful… I know Miss Lena personally and I agree with you she desreves a pie. She is a wonderful Lady.

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