Drunk on Pie



Pie Eyed:  adj  slang  Intoxicated; drunk

That pretty much sums it up. We are drunk on pie over here. Traditional round ones, hand pies, pie bites, pies in a jar… if it’s an iteration of pie, we are all over it. We love the challenge of making pie and the lessons we learn from each journey.

Butter crust, food processor results

Living the Pie Life 

What is is about pie that has us so enamored? To us, pie is more than a delicious dessert. It’s become a lifestyle.  We affectionately say that we’re living the pie life. Making pie and sharing it with others has become a way to approach life in a simple, beautiful and generous way.

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Pie Eyed Love

If you find yourself nodding in agreement, feeling this same passion and enthusiasm for pie, join us!  We want to encourage others to make pie while building a community that appreciates the power of sharing food with others.

Your partners in pie,

Emily and Christie

Em Christie laughing


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