A Reintroduction: Why Pie

A Reintroduction: Why Pie

Written by Emily

Pie Eyed is coming up on its 10 year anniversary this September. TEN! The only thing I’ve ever done for 10 years straight is marriage and parenting. Other than those situations which are bound by legal contracts and birth certificates, I’ve never had the stamina to stick with something for so long. Until pie. I can almost hear the collective eye-rolling of those in my life who have been forced to hear about pie for a decade. However, for those who are just joining this adventure, it felt like a good time to reintroduce this blog and wax poetic about why the pie love has persisted.

If you find yourself wanting to raise a glass to pie, then join me as I find my way through failed crust attempts, filling mishaps and hopefully amazing accomplishments.  We can learn together and hope that everyone at our tables will be a little Pie Eyed this Thanksgiving!

– Me, 2011, all stary-eyed thinking I would open a pie shop

I read my very first blog post from September of 2011 and it was a reminder that when I started this, it was about ME learning to make really good pie. As I kept reading, there was a transition that happened shortly thereafter where the orientation was less about me making amazing pie and more about giving pie to people, telling their stories, and encouraging others to learn to make pie. THAT is why I’m still at it ten years later. Pie took me on a journey that pulled the focus away from myself and showed me the power this little magical pastry had to cultivate relationships and practice gratitude.

Like what’s under a pie crust, there is more going on underneath all of us than meets the eye. This is why pie is so important to me. Making pie and sharing it has uncovered connections and relationships that would have never been possible otherwise. 

– Me, 2021, ten years later all grown up

The blog itself evolved as well – and not because of me, because of others. Sharing the love with my friend Christie who brought similar pie values to the table totally transformed the blog. Her involvement gave me a boost of confidence at a time when I was tiring of hearing myself talk and wondering if I had exhausted everyone around me. We went from drunk (Pie Eyed) to drunk and in love (Pie Eyed Love) and embraced our quirky passion for pie and people.

And so today, Pie Eyed Love is a place where you can celebrate the intersection of pie and people. You won’t see a lot of crazy pie crust artistry (that is NOT our strength here), nor will you see us selling our pies. We never charge for the pie we make and we only bring you recipes that we have made ourselves and pass the “keep it simple” test. Sometimes we post a lot and sometimes we fall off the grid for a bit because, you know…life. This is a place that is uncomplicated and devoid of expectations. We do our best.

While many things have changed over the past 10 years, the founding principles of this blog have not. Pie Eyed remains a space for the average person at home in their kitchen to realize the gifts pie-making has to offer. This is a community of people, embracing imperfection both in pastry and in life, seeking to find the beautiful things that lie just beneath all of us. We practice grace. We practice gratitude. And we humbly offer the best version of ourselves (and the pie we make), understanding that it’s really the people we meet along the way that makes the pie perfect. Cheers to the next 10 years!

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  1. Maxine Landers says:

    I love your blog. Do you have a recipe for banana cream pie? I did not find one on website. Thank you.

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