Welcome to Pie Eyed

Pie Eyed: (adj slang) Intoxicated; drunk

Pie lovers, welcome home! Whether you are an expert pie baker or still summoning the confidence to make your first pie, you belong here.  We are hooked on the potential that pie brings both in making pie and giving it to others. You could say we’re a little drunk on pie over here; making, baking, and extending kindness by giving pie to as many people as we can. We invite you to raise a glass and join our pie movement!

About Pie Eyed Love

What is is about pie that has us so enamored? To us, pie is more than a delicious dessert. It's become a lifestyle. We affectionately say that we're living the pie life. Making pie and sharing it with others has become a way to approach life in a simple, beautiful and generous way.

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