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Traditional Apple Pie

What better to commemorate National Pie Day then a big, deep-dish, double-crust, packed to the brim, all-American apple pie? And a darn right perfect one at that! Yep, let’s just skip to the end – I did it and it was awesome. Week after week, I sit here behind my keyboard and espouse my latest […]

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Pear Eggnog Winter Pie

It’s 2012 and the best thing to do for a new year is to come clean and start fresh. Don’t get excited – there’s nothing juicy here like sordid affairs, slipping my kids Benadryl so they will sleep, or a problem with shop lifting. My confessions are rather mundane, but they are mine and blogging […]

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Caramel Apple Pie Bites

Do you ever have those weeks where you feel like you’re trying way too hard? For some reason, you have deliberately complicated your days with too many tasks and too many commitments all in the name of proving to yourself you can do it all? That was my week. I blame it on kindergarten. If […]

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Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Bites

My parents came to town this weekend, so I wanted to knock their socks off with all this pie I’ve been ranting about (plus, if we’re being honest here, I knew they would play with the boys and I could bake!). I planned a pie-a-palooza of a weekend – dough experiments, mini pies, whole pies. […]

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Mini Apple Pie Bites

I’m feeling the consequences of too much pie. I think I am honestly hung over. It is not news that pie crust is nowhere near healthy – I’m not even going to try to claim the calcium from butter. Ian and I have been eating an average of one mini-pie a day…for the past month. […]

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